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To use one of the smilies - works on most forums -

Hold down the left  mouse button and highlight the line of code from
                         [img] ... to .. .[/img]
Right click and select 'Copy'. ( or  Ctrl + C  )
In the reply box where the smiley is to be placed, right click and select 'Paste'.( or  Ctrl + V  )
Preview your post to make sure that your smiley has appeared where you want it.

A few of the more commonly used Smilies








Smilies are used in vast numbers throughout the web on forums and blogs etc and are generally in the public domain..Those found here are some that I have collected over time and simply organised into a list for display and free (non-commercial) use.
I have no wish to infringe anyones copyright and should anyone be able show title to an image please contact me and the image will either be accredited or removed as prefered.

My host, Webs.com , provides a reasonably generous capacity for this site, but it does have a limit.
 If I could ask that forum administrators or other large scale users might save the images to their own webspace or image host instead of hotlinking,
 Thank you,

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